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4.20 / 5 Rating
460 Reviews
I purchased a refurbished smartphone from fonegiant yesterday. Today I have received an email from someone, unconnected with fonegiant except that he has also bought a phone from fonegiant. Well, it seems fonegiant has sent someone else my phone with my details included in the packaging! A simple error perhaps of putting the phone in the wrong package, but seriously, my 5 year old can match up cards with the right envelope. How hard can it be?
A week has passed now since I bought a HTC 10 to replace my dying Galaxy S4. So far I have seen no issue with the device and it arrived most ways cosmetically perfect, apart from a minor paint stuff (however, won't dock points for that because the phone was never rated as flawless). Only thing that is more one to keep in mind, rather than a fault on Fonegiant's part, is that if you order over the weekend then your device will not arrive until Tuesday at the earliest as the store is closed over the weekend.
I ordered an Samsung S7 edge. The phone was great, no problems with it and was unlocked. Will be buying one for my family as well.