Are cheap Chinese mobile phones worth buying? With the internet, sellers are able to reach a wider platform of buyers, they are also able to spread risks of offering faulty phones for sale. Unbranded Chinese mobile phones can now be easily found online for an extremely cheap price. However, there are a lot of issues related to these phones. The life cycle of the mobile phone does not seem to exceed a year or perhaps less depending on quality of the phones. This is because the software initially used to set up the mobile phone is not authentic. It is instead a cheaper copy of the original software. Once the mobile phone's life cycle expires, you will not be able to able to recover important data you had previously saved on the mobile phone. Repair will also be difficult due to the lack of availability of the parts originally used to build the phone. Specs posted on their website may not also be accurate. However, this does not mean Chinese mobile phone companies are unreliable. There are leading Chinese mobile phone companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, ZTE, Huawei which are all doing very well in the market, it is only the unbranded Chinese mobile phones that you should be cautious of. FoneGiant.Com will be shortly adding Xiaomi and other popular Chinese brands to the range of mobile phones available. Look out for this by regularly visiting out website at