IPhone 6s vs iPhone 7.

Below is a comparison of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, which will suggest if it is really worth upgrading to the more recent model.

Design The antenna strips that was on the back of the iPhone 6s has now been moved to the top on the iPhone 7 for a more presentable look. The colour of the antenna differs according to the colour of the iPhone 7. The change in the antenna position does not seem to affect the connection speed.


The headphone jack on the iPhone 7 has been scraped; headphones must be wireless in order to connect or you have the option of connecting using a lightning port- which will be provided in the iPhone 7 package. The iPhone 7 will come in the previous colours of the 6s- gold, silver and rose gold. Alongside these colours, apple has introduced the two new colours- matte black and a super glossy jet black colour- which has a risk of "micro abrasion", meaning the phone is highly delicate and can easily get scratches. However, this comes with the waterproof feature, unlike previous apple mobile phones.

One of biggest improvements apple has made to their new launch is the camera quality. The bump on the rear camera has been extended and refined for a better camera quality. Customers seem to be unhappy with this change. They complain that the mobile phone fails to lay on a flat service evenly. On the iPhone 7, the back camera is 12 megapixel, whereas the front camera is 7 megapixels. The iPhone 7's thickness has remained the same as the iPhone 6s, at 7.1mm. When looked at weights the iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams, which is less than the iPhone 6s' weight of 143 grams. So the later model is lighter.


Review: Generally, customers find the new iPhone 7 a disappointment. They expected more from apple, who never failed to impress their customers with jaw dropping features (e.g when the fingerprint feature was introduced) . According to some customers, they argue the design of the new iPhone 7 to have been greatly similar to the previous 3 models released by apple. Others seemed to be more concerned about the battery life, which showed no improvements from the 6s. However, customers appreciate the water resistance feature and the doubled internal memory capacity.


Samsung vs iphone Apple customers growingly seem to be fascinated by the Samsung 7 edge, with some actually considering to change to an android mobile phone for the first time ever! They regard the s7 edge to be "cool", which worries apple. iPhone 7 sales has been considerably slower than previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s phones, possibly because of the new feature designs not reaching expectations. Apple's market share is currently almost half of Samsung's market share. For apple to catch up, they need to strongly reconsider what features to include in their future launches.