What is iOS? iOS is an operating system which regularly gets amended by Apple as later models are introduced. Once apple upgrades their operating system, they allow access to newly designed functions.


For example, with the iOS4 operating system, mobile users were able to multitask with variety of apps, which they were not able to using the previous operating system. The most recent iOS is the iOS10, was introduced in the last quarter of 2016. This update was made available to all iPhones later than the iPhone 5, iPad mini 2, 4th generation iPads and numerous other apple gadgets. Some of the newly designed features of the iOS10 include, the ability for the user to awaken the handset by simply resting their finger on the home button, rather than having to click on the home button. The iconic 'slide to unlock' iPhone feature has been abolished.


In order to unlock the mobile phone, the individual is now required to click on the homepage or use their fingerprint ID. The user is also now able to expand the notification that they receive, allowing them to view more information. Also, all unread notifications can be cleared all at one. Finally, apple has included a 'QuickType virtual keyboards' which can predicted answers to relevant questions by simply gathering information on the location, contacts and calendar availablity.


The innovative IOS updates of apple are appreciated and favoured by many users. Apple is constantly looking to better the features available; they are currently developing different versions of the IOS10 itself, which will enhance the quality of features available.