How to save your battery on the Samsung galaxy 6?

The s6 has its battery built in, therefore, you won’t be able to replace your battery if it runs out, that’s why we have come up with the smart 5 ways to minimise battery consumption.


Firstly, you should ensure the chargers Amps matches the mobile phone’s set requirement- the s6 requires 1.6amps. This will speed up the battery uptake.


Secondly, one should always avoid leaving the phone to charge over night. This may cause the phone to overheat, which can possibly result in unexpected phone explosion.


Thirdly, you should turn off your location if it is not being used. GPS requires a lot of battery and thus will drain your battery. Likewise with YouTube and Google maps - minimise the use of such apps.


Fourthly, you should put the phone on savers mode, which will help reduce the mobile phone’s battery consumption. It’s wise to have this function on when the phone is not being fully used, perhaps when you’re in the gym.

Lastly, Keep the brightness level to a minimum and close any background apps, which will use up your battery even though you’re not actually using it.

You will see an outstanding result in your battery life if successfully applied- tips applicable to all smart phones.

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