Repackaging of Samsung S6 phone that have been returned to the Company due to technical, physical issues or any other reasons is known as Samsung S6 Refurbished phones. Once the phones reaches to the Company, refurbishment process gets started and after completing the process such as testing, replacement, cleaning, and inspection phones is supplied for sale. Advantages of Purchasing “Refurbished Phone” Instead Of “Used” One 1. Physical Condition: Refurbished phones exactly look like new phone. All the faulty parts get replaced before being supplied to seller. You will get a fully functional Samsung S6 phone with the same certification, accessories but “used phones” are not tested or inspected prior to sale. 2. Assistance: If you faces any issue in Refurbished phones after purchasing then you can call to OEM for resolving the issues but, in used phones, once you buy it, you have to face all the issues yourself. 3. Assurance: You will get 90 days warranty period from the date of purchase on Samsung S6 refurbished phone but, no guarantee period is provided with USED phones. 4. Reasonable Price-Tag: Refurbished phones come with reasonable price tag along with the same documentation and accessories as new one, that’s the reason why people are eager to buy it with confidence. Safety Tips before Purchasing a Samsung S6 Refurbished Version 1. Before purchasing of refurbished phone it is necessary to confirm that the handset has been factory reset removing all the evidence of previous ownership. 2. A refurbished version handset is less expensive than a new phone. If you will find refurbished phone in the same price tag of new model then, you need to think again about your purchase. So, Where Can You Purchase Samsung S6 Refurbished Phones? If you are willing to purchase a Samsung S6 Refurbished version, then visit FONEGIANT is one of the renowned mobile phone companies for providing wide variety of new and refurbished Smartphone.