How to earn cash from old phone?

Are you sick of your mobile phone? Or maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to a new brand. Question is what to do with your current phone? Don’t bin it,MC recycle it!

MC recycle is an emerging and fast growing company who buy old and unwanted mobile phones in exchange for money. This is a smart way to satisfy different parties in society. Not only will you be receiving cash for your phone, you will also be saving the environment! How? Well, mobile phones contain strong intoxicants which if dumped can contaminated the soil in which we grow our food on. This will eventually enter the food chain cycle and cause many unintended consequences and health problems not to animals only but us humans too!


You will also directly benefit from this with a payment of a satisfying amount. MC recycle made the process of you receiving your cash very simple! A prepaid envelope will be sent out to you to pack your mobile phone with a unique tracking ID- all free of charge! MC Recycle also offer a same day payment service which speed up the process of you receiving your money. Regular updates will be given to you through email or telephone- should you prefer to be contacted that way. That is not all! Even if you change your mind about selling your phone, we will send it back on a first class delivery service right away! This is Why MC Recycle Customers have rated they cok[pany 5* Stars on independent reveiws website So what are you waiting for? MC recycle your phone today!

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