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I bought a tablet from this company which was scratched severely. I returned it and never got a refund. Despite various times asking for refund. I was asked to send proof of return, which I did and said payment would be released. I never recieved payment and was repeatedly told the same thing. I never got a refund and just gave up. Do not use this company, who are thieves
An over payment was made in August. They keep promising a refund of the over payment, but now in December still nothing has been received. My e-mails are not responded to, and they never answer the phone. Absolutely terrible service. It would not surprise me if this shower of a company had gone bust
Bought my refurbished phone from fonegiant - very good price, good condition. After a few weeks it stopped charging properly, I contacted fonegiant and they suggested a few things I could try but when they failed they sent me a free post label and asked me to send it back. It took a couple of weeks but I got it back this morning all working perfectly, plus they sent me a new charger free of charge. Having read some of the other negative reviews about after sales service I am very pleased and impressed.