Privacy policy: has updated their privacy policy in accordance to the latest legislation. Please carefully read all the privacy terms. By browsing our site completely, you are agreeing to all our updated privacy policy.

Section 1 => Describing all privacy ethics

Some Info’s collected from Customers

Once you register and place an order for any product from our website, we initially collect some info about your personal info and some payment details. After entering, the customer receives a confirmation mail on the email id provided. This confirms that all data entered is correct and would deliver the purchased product at the specified address given by customer. All these procedures are maintained for company standards. The information provided by customers is maintained confidential. You can change the provided information to get an updated registration from

Maintaining Customer’s data highly confidential

The information shared by customers is shared only to our third parties to process the order made by the customer online through And in any case, any third party will not be allowed to use your personal info for any purpose. It will be maintained highly confidential. is responsible for disclosing any personal data of any customer. Measurable actions will be taken for erasing or blocking any personal data requested by customer. You can mail us at to edit/erase the personal information you want to. If you need a copy of all the personal data you provided, then you can request with subject as ("Subject Access Request"). The personal data collected from customers is kept with us for only the time; until it is required to process for fulfill customer’s requirements. Also, it’s the company’s responsibility to store data for a long time for some accountancy purposes.

Privacy Policy concerns:

The privacy policy mentioned here are applicable to only . All submitted information from customers is maintained confidential and it cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. All the info’s saved by our website will be maintained on record for a certain period of time until it’s required. All the information saved in our database is subject to any changes requested by the customer. has right to change any privacy policy in future if required. And it will be informed to customer through any email notification.

Section 2 => Cookies on website

Every website contains a cookie and so does ours. The cookie sends your browser a cookie which is nothing but a little information that will be automatically stored on your computer’s hard drive just to enhance customer’s personalized reading experience. Also, it enhances the search functionality for any browser. If you do not wish to receive any cookie from our website, you can disable cookie from your browser settings. Also, this may affect or hamper your website surfing and reading experience to some extent. Below is the process to disable cookies for different browsers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Tools => Internet options => Privacy => Cookie Settings => Disable

Google Chrome

Settings => Privacy => Content Settings => Cookie enable/disable

Mozilla Firefox

Options => Privacy => Cookie Settings


Preferences => Security => Cookie settings

Section 3 => Advertising actions on uses personal information about customers to process their products which they purchase online. The privacy policy here clearly indicated what infos we collect from customers and for what purpose, they are used for. This policy also focuses on describing, how you can add/delete/edit information you have submitted to and the monthly newsletters you sign up for. You can also opt out for these services. There are many types of internet based advertising and retargeting. Some may be simple and some results in monitoring web surfer activities carried by search engine or with some technology partners. Overall, internet based advertising and retargeting is made to make online presence more interesting for web surfers who opt for their interests. Once you enable cookie on your browser, will send a small txt file called “cookie” which will enhance the reading and website surfing experience of the website for users. For example, let’s say, if a user visits sites of furniture, then he will be primarily served advertisements of “furniture” which may be indicated as his interest.

Data used for advertising and security management: uses user’s data to better target advertisement which are of customer’s interest. This will improve the marketing of our products and this type of marketing. The data may also be combined with other unidentified information collected from other sources that can serve the users better than before. is responsible for maintaining all customer information as confidential. It will never be revealed to any unauthorized person from our end. The security system is maintained to a extent that, only restricted people of are allowed to access personal information of customer for processing of products purpose.

Opt-out advertising activities:

At any point of time, any user can opt out for Interest Based Advertising and Retargeting activities from by opting-out. In addition, note that you are always able to prevent cookies from any website from being installed on your computer by readjusting your browser settings. For more information about cookies and how to disable them, you should consult the help section of your browser.


Payment Processing do not store our customer's financial details

All payment details are processed by Payment processor

Section 4 => Contact

You can mail us at for any queries, concern or complaints.