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So an update on the con company, still a surley no contact, no phone.... As it was returned recorded delivery, and from their point, no refund. I forrunately bought via PayPal so have sought my money back. There is no way that I would want this company to havey card details. Do not buy from FoneGiant if you value your money. You will not et the product you want, if at all and will not be communicated with. Worst experience I have ever had in buying.
I ordered a phone on 1st June 2019. It arrived and stopped working within two hours. I contacted phone giant who sent video link to YouTube to unlock. It didn't work. So I arranged to send the phone back via tracked delivery. It's now 1st July 2019. I have no phone, no refund and have had no contact for a fortnight. Avoid, at all costs. Absolute con artists.